Automatic swarfless cutter for HDPE pipe

Size range available from 50mm ~1200MM

The product has been patented

HDPE pipe specification from 20-1200MM are all adopt the swarfless cutting mechanism which can full-automatic variable diameter. If change the specification ,just need set the ‘pipe diameter’ and ‘pipe wall thickness’ on the touchable screen,  that is ‘ one key’ to adjusting automatically;‘cutting blade position’, ‘feeding depth ‘, ‘pipe center’ and other position are foolproof operation.Bid farewell to the traditional specifications of many complex adjustments, improve the adjusting time for specifications, improve the service life of cutting tools!



Adopt the double blade structure which is the  ‘ circular blade’+’ sharp blade’ combination, to realize the perfect cutting of the pipe wall thickness exceed the 100mm with the smooth 、 no inside and outside flanging and swarfless!